Suffering – Your Calling?

“…who by faith conquered kingdoms,
performed acts of righteousness…
escaped the edge of the sword,
from weakness were made strong…

and other experienced mockings and scourgings,
yes, also chains and imprisonment.
They were stoned,
they were saw in two,
they were tempted…
they went about in sheepskins…
being destitute, afflicted, ill –treated.
And all of these, having gained approval through their faith…”
Hebrews 11:32-39

Is suffering a calling?

“And all of these…” – those who did for God and those who could do nothing except suffer. Both groups did it in faith and to the glory of God! Some were called to great works of faith, others were called to endure in faith. It takes greater faith to endure hardships (physical, emotional, mental, social) then it does if God were to reach down and make everything “right”.

Are you suffering? Have you surrendered that suffering to your sovereign God who loves you? Are you worshipping and finding contentment in the midst? Or are you fighting against the goad? Struggling with the why’s and why me’s?

God is sovereign. God is eternal. He knows what is best for us in the eternal realm. He loves you. He wants you to believe in faith that His promises are true and to experience His presence and joy in the midst!

Happy birthday, Marshall! (grandson)


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