Book Dara to Speak

Book Dara to Speak

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Q: How much does it cost to book Dara for an event?

A: Dara will work with you and your group to decide upon a cost. Because we speak for various organizations with different purposes all across the US, our costs vary. Please call and talk to Dara about your specific needs and her requirements.

Q: How do you determine a topic?

A: Dara will work with you to determine whether to use a topic that she has already worked up or if there is a specific theme or topic that would best fit your groups’ needs.

Q: Is Dara available to mentor after her talks?

A: Yes. Besides a question and answer time, you can request that Dara be available for people by appointment or by just being available at the venue after she speaks.

Q: Is there a specific format that Dara will follow?

A: No. Dara is flexible. She can do 45 minute to 1 hour talks and as many as 5 in a weekend. She can also work with your group to coordinate worship and/or activities.

Q: Will Dara make her books available at her speaking venues?

A: Yes. Dara will be glad to make her books available. However, she would appreciate having a helper to sell the books so that she can use her time mentoring and answering questions.

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