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Living Beautifully has shown a light in some areas of my life (my thought life mostly) where I had some hidden sin and didn’t realize it. Before this study, I wasn’t always excited about my Bible time each day. In fact, many times it was probably done just to get a checkmark on that box for the day. I hate telling you that, but there it is. My point is that Living Beautifully changed all that. I now look forward to that sweet time each day. Dara has helped me grow in many areas of my life, but especially in my faithfulness to meet with the Lord daily.

Old SchoolHouse – Living Beautifully Review

I enjoyed Living Gracefully – Practical Proverbs For Women Book 2 and would recommend it.  As someone who loves spending time in God’s Word, I found this workbook to be an enjoyable way to make sure I was spending time with God each day.

Old SchoolHouse – Living Gracefully Review

Through the study of Proverbs, your teenager will tackle character topics like forgiveness, wisdom, consequences, mercy, pride, and many more. But he or she will also dive into practical life topics like budgets, drugs, and alcohol, raising children, and being industrious. Since the book of Proverbs offers so many wonderful truths about living a wise and fruitful life, the 80 lessons in this book strive to cover as many of those truths as possible.

Old SchoolHouse – Practical Proverbs Review

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