Endure and HOPE


“Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
They will run and not grow weary;
They will walk and not be faint.
Isaiah40:31 (NIV)

Another translation says that “Those who wait upon the Lord will renew their strength.” (NASB) There is a lot of waiting in hope. Sometimes it is just downright endurance! Jesus endured the cross for the joy set before him (Hebrews 12:2). I have never had to endured anything that horrific, but sometimes my circumstances seem like I will never get through them. I have another respiratory infection (3rd sickness since January 1). I am tired of being sick. But I can endure it knowing that it usually only lasts a week or two. That eventually, I will be well again and then I can soar on!

No matter what your circumstances are right now, endure. Hang in there. Keep on hanging on. Go the length. Do it with patience. Do it with grace. Do it with the hope of another day. Do it with the hope of eternity. Do in God’s strength and presence. Do it in praise. But endure. Dare to HOPE.

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