Christian Life Mentor

As a Mentor Dara is able to offer help to ladies who need advice from an experienced Christian.

Christian Life Mentor

Helping you walk along life's path while growing closer to God.
Overwhelmed? Confused?  Frustrated? 
          Dara is a great listener with experience to help you get back on your feet.  Dara uses Scripture as well as other resources  to encourage you and guide you to the next steps of healing and coping.  Dara has helped people in difficult relationships and marriages.  She has worked with people needing to learn to put boundaries on their time and on others.  Dara has extensive experience in discipling and encouraging.  Dara is not a licensed counselor, but will refer anyone who wants to go further to a certified, licensed professional.  She can help you assess whether you need more professional counseling or just someone to listen and guide you with the word of God.  

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If you are ready to get a mentor who will walk beside you through life and help you grow in your walk with Christ give us a call or stop by our store to schedule a time to talk.

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