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Living Beautifully Practical ProverbsYou are a beautiful woman who wants to live beautifully in all aspects of life. Living Beautifully will teach you how to apply biblical principles to many areas of your life. Learning to be content, having discernment, using wisdom, working whole-heartedly, trusting God, and guarding your heart will bring beautiful and eternal results in your life as you travel through the first nine chapters of Proverbs from the Bible. 

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What People Are Saying

The Old Schoolhouse“Living Beautifully has shown a light in some areas of my life (my thought life mostly) where I had some hidden sin and didn’t realize it. Before this study, I wasn’t always excited about my Bible time each day. In fact, many times it was probably done just to get a checkmark on that box for the day. I hate telling you that, but there it is. 

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“Having experienced the ups and downs of life, Dara is now able to help others enjoy the gifts God has given them through speaking, writing, and mentoring.”


Dara engages audiences all across the United States as a speaker. She speaks regularly at homeschool conferences and church retreats and conferences. Whether she is speaking on raising Godly children or on how to avoid burnout, her teaching is directly from Scripture and her own life experiences. Dara’s teaching is dynamic and relevant. She uses illustrations that everyone can easily relate to. Dara is very vulnerable and touches on many emotional topics in an intimate and encouraging way. You will walk away with more understanding of the Bible and how it applies to your life. Her teaching is always thought provoking and challenging as well as entertaining. Practical, Spirit-led, and encouraging speeches are Dara’s forte.

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Dara loves research, and Bible study and her books show it! Deeply saturated in God’s word and very applicable to everyday living, Dara’s teachings are fresh and deep. Dara teaches from a well of experience including abuse in her childhood, moving over 30 times, chronic pain and a disability, raising children with learning disabilities, ministry, and all the emotions of womanhood! Her books are practical, challenging, and intimate. She shares her struggles and her triumphs and gives the reader ideas and possibilities for victory in their daily walk and in their Christian growth.

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Life can be overwhelming! Whether you are a young mom struggling to balance all the chores of life or a seasoned veteran, we can all use someone to listen to us, give suggestions, and to guide us using God’s word. Relationships, marriage, parenting, homeschooling, kids with learning disabilities, organizational challenges, anger, forgiveness, and the role of emotions in a Christian’s life are some of the situations that may occur in your life giving you reason to seek a mentor. Dara has been a pastor’s wife and a mentor to many throughout the past 30 years. Her experiences of overcoming abuse, relocating over 30 times, raising 5 children, and dealing with chronic pain and a disability uniquely qualifies Dara to empathize and guide others on their life journeys.

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“For in His presence there is joy. Dara loves to sing and dance before her King.”

About Dara

About Abiding Truth Ministry

Dara never doubted that God made this world. She has always understood Him as her Creator. When Dara was 13 years old, she asked Jesus to come into her life and be her Savior and Lord. As Dara got older, she allowed Jesus to be Lord over more and more areas of her life. She experienced Him as her provider, her anchor, her King, and finally, at age 39, Dara was able to crawl up into God’s lap and call Him Father. It is there that she loves to spend her time for in His presence there is joy. Dara loves to sing and dance before her King.

Dara was born with Spina Bifida and deals with chronic pain due to a five level fusion, but she is walking! And every step is a praise to God. Dara overcame many types of childhood abuse through the unconditional love and example of her husband, Tracy, of 29 years, and she was finally able to understand and accept God’s unconditional love after she went into Christian counseling at 39 years old due to clinical depression. Dara has also worked through 30+ moves, children with learning disabilities, twins, and the rigors of ministry. Through it all, God has always remained faithful and true.

Dara loves chocolate, sunsets, walks with her husband, reading, studying, playing the piano, singing, keeping in touch with her sons, and playing with her grandsons.

Abiding Truth Ministry is a not-for-profit 501c3 under the category of education. Our mission is to Mentor, Teach, and Train children, youth, young women, and families life skills based on the whole truth of God’s word and the freedom they can have in Christ and to encourage believers in Christ and to invite anyone to know their Creator God and Savior. We strive to meet this mission by attending state and private homeschool conferences across the United States and speaking when invited, by speaking at local church groups’ retreats or conferences, and by offering mentoring services to individuals. We are dedicated to offering materials, advice, and encouragement in affordable formats and to be available to those who wish to use our services.

As a 501c3 we have board members who oversee and hold accountable this ministry according to the by-laws and the Word and Spirit of God. We are not in any way connected to Scott Lively’s ministry, Abiding Truth Ministries.

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