Christian Speaker

Having experienced much of what life can throw our way, Dara is an engaging, entertaining, and relevant speaker.

Christian Speaker

Church Events, Retreats, Woman's Groups


Dara has taught at churches, Sunday school, MOPS, retreats, and Bible studies for almost 30 years.  “Dara’s warm, welcoming personality and her conversational teaching style made us look forward to each teaching session.”


Dara’s teaching is relevant for every Christian as she draws continually from God’s word.  “You’ll hunger for more! Dara’s teaching is saturated with scripture – intense, imaginative and definitive. Her life is a catalyst for victorious living.”


Dara’s passion is to encourage others in their Christian walk.  We are all on a journey, and coming alongside one another is what living in fellowship is all about.  Dara’s speaking inspires others to continue to grow and seek God in every phase of life.

Speaking Topics

Dara will work with you to develop a Biblical topic for your group or retreat. Some topics that Dara has spoken on and is available to speak on include:
God's Sovereignty, Our suffering, Our Surrender
Passing on a Legacy
Kids and Emotions
Gracefully Letting Go: Preparing Teens for Life on Their Own
Holidays, Traditions, and In-Laws
Taking Every Thought Captive
Suffering: God's Perspective
Anger Management and Forgiveness
Praise and Prayer
Growing in Christ
Having a Biblical Self-Esteem
Raising Godly Kids
Teaching the Word as They Sit and Stand
Marriage: God's Blueprint
Parenting: Our Words
Experiencing Joy in the Midst
Our Freedom in Christ
God’s Plan for a Healthy Self-Esteem
Giving It All Up to God

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