About Dara

Dara is a popular Christian author, speaker, and mentor. She has been charming audiences and readers since 2010 with her vulnerability, her candidness, and her wit. She strives to leave her audience with laughter and helpful tools to encourage each through the tough times. As a pastor’s wife, she took hold of many opportunities to serve in her local church and community. Her books are intimate and universal to all believers in Christ Jesus. Several books also make great discipleship studies. 

Dara lives in Kansas but claims her home is still Texas where she raised her five boys and helped start two Homeschool groups in the mid-90s. The boys are all launched and doing well in the Real World. With eleven grandchildren spread across Texas and Georgia and a son in Hawaii, Dara and her husband travel often. When Dara is at home she enjoys the family’s Highland Cattle, her Great Pyrenees, Sunshine (Sunny), and doing research, teaching, and mentoring. She also loves to read a good biography, history, or Christian historical fiction. And always, Dara enjoys singing and dancing for her God and King.

  • Lover of truth 
  • Pastor’s wife for 26 years
  • Mom of five boys
  • Grandma of 11
  • Bible teacher
  • Deals daily with chronic pain due to spina bifida occulta and the seven spinal surgeries that have kept her up and walking. 
  • Has lived in nine states
  • Has moved 34 times
  • Homeschooled all the boys from kindergarten through high school (Her boys are now a law professor, computer program director, gym manager/ personal trainer/ real estate agent, IT tech, and a pilot.)