Dara has been mentoring others since she was a teenager.  With a heart of ministry and opportunities to serve, Dara began mentoring others through Youth for Christ while in high school.  When she married her husband, Tracy, they immediately jumped into full-time ministry with youth and music.  When Tracy would take the boys camping, Dara would have a slumber party with the girls.  As a couple, they taught, trained, and mentored youth for over 10 years until Tracy transitioned into positions of education and administration.  As a pastor’s wife, Dara continued to teach youth Sunday school and also mentored women in the inner city and in rural communities.  She has helped her husband guide couples with pre-marital counseling. 

As their family grew, Dara began to mentor other young moms and homeschool moms.  Dara has been mentoring several young girls who have come from abusive pasts and moms that just need some guidance for several years now.  She has been a mentor for the MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers International, Inc.) program for 3 years and speaks at MOPS groups across Texas.  Dara has been mentoring at homeschool conferences for the past 12 years and continues to work with moms over phone or Skype.  Dara has attended several classes on mentoring and prays for each young lady that she works with seeking God’s guidance and direction.