Homeschool Speaker

After raising five boys and homeschooling
them through all twelve grades,
Dara is an expert on the subject.

Homeschool Conferences, Homeschool Groups


Dara not only homeschooled her own boys for over 21 years but also started two support groups.  She has mentored many new homeschoolers and has spoken all across the country.  “Dara is real and honest about feelings, expectations, and practicalities.”


Using illustrations from her own life, Dara relates to the homeschooler with humor and realism.  She pulls her audience in and then carries them along as she describes her own struggles, joys, triumphs, and failures.


Through teaching profound truths that transcend homeschooling to Christian living, Dara is able to bring encouragement to those who are anxious, insecure, feeling inadequate, or just needing a boost.  Her listeners walk away believing that they can do this!

Speaking Topics

Dara homeschooled her five boys in the 90’s and early 2000’s. With an eclectic approach, she was able to teach them in spite of learning and behavioral disabilities. She has lived the life, struggled through the storms, and seeks to give encouragement and advice to those who are still homeschooling.