About Abiding Truth Ministry

Abiding Truth Ministry is a non-profit 501c3 under the category of education. Our mission is to Mentor, Teach, and Train children, youth, young women, and families life skills based on the whole truth of God’s word and the freedom they can have in Christ. We seek to encourage believers in Christ and to invite everyone to know their Creator God and Savior.

We strive to meet this mission by speaking at conferences and retreats for ladies and state and private homeschool conferences across the United States, and by offering mentoring services to individuals. Dara has also written several Bible studies and carries a variety of biblical worldview books. We are dedicated to offer materials, advice, and encouragement in affordable formats and to be available to those who wish to use our services.

As a 501c3, we have board members who oversee and hold accountable this ministry according to the by-laws and the Word and Spirit of God.

PLEASE NOTE: This ministry is in no way affiliated with Scott Lively or his ministry, “Abiding Truth Ministries”.