Burnout – definitions and symptoms

“In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength…” Isaiah 30:15

“Burnout is the result of prolonged, unrelenting stress that gradually erodes your ability to cope.”

“Early symptoms are subjective and invisible to others who see you as competent and  high functioning.”

  1. Feelings of being overwhelmed, trapped, irritable, negative, and disillusioned, with little sense of self worth. Stress is an indicator, an alarm (God is so good to have given us a warning system!)
  2. Symptoms escalate leading to severe physical and mental breakdown.
  3.  Early physical signs are red flags – recognize them and take care of yourself or they escalate and become stronger, then from mild disenchantment to deep despair

4.  Same symptoms as depression.  Depression is rooted in unforgiveness and deep seated feelings of being                 unlovable (something is wrong with who I am)

vs. Burnout “physical, mental and emotional exhaustion that has no other organic cause.

Burnout can be healed!


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