Lessons on Prayer


“And when thou prayest…
Enter into thy closet,
And when thou hast shut thy door,
Pray to thy Father
Who is in Secret;
And thy Father
Who seeth in secret
Shall reward thee openly.
Matt. 6:5-6

What is this closet that we are to enter? “To the Hebrew mind there was one place that was pre-eminently a secret chamber; it was that inmost court of the Tabernacle and Temple, where God specially dwelt, and which was known as the Holy of Holies. This place was marked by silence, secrecy, solitude, and separation. The one conspicuous, solitary article of furniture, there found, was the mercy-seat, the appointed meeting place, the basis of communion between the suppliant sinner and the merciful Hearer of Prayer.” (Arthur T. Pierson, Lessons in the School of Prayer).

The Holy of Holies was sacred. It could only be entered into once a year by the high priest. His purpose was to offer a blood sacrifice for the sins of the nation of Israel. When Jesus died upon the cross, however, the curtain entrance to the Holy of Holies was rent in two providing entrance to all repentant souls through the blood of the eternal High Priest Jesus. God tells us to, “…draw near with confidence to the throne of grace, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” (Hebrews 4:16)

How do we enter into this Holy of Holies? We must quiet our body and our soul (mind, will, emotions) by shutting out the concerns of the world and seek God through praise and careful study of His word. Your closet is the closet of your spirit where your spirit can commune with a Spirit God. It takes time and commitment, but being in the presence of God will prepare you for whatever the day can throw at you. It will give you wisdom to handle other people and circumstances, and it will align your heart with God’s.

We must meet God absolutely alone. We are to meet Him by coming into His presence. And we are to bow before His mercy-seat of communion.

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