Burnout – More Symptoms

5 Stages of burnout – “Burnout is not an event, it is a process.” Most people don’t recognize the seriousness of their condition until they reach level 2 breakdown.

 Early warning signs

You sense that some of your expectations were unrealistic

There’s more to do than time to do it

You work longer hours, give up exercise and save all relaxation for the weekend

You still try new ways to solve problems

You share your feelings with family and friends but they shrug off your concern

Self-talk  “Stay positive.  This will get easier.”

  1. Disenchantment

You know you’re under a lot of stress, but so is everyone else…so you keep on going

Your energy level is lower

You have days of frustration, boredom, and confusion.

Kids and husband and friends seem very demanding and insensitive to your needs.

You are working harder to meet goals, with less satisfaction

Self-confidence is shrinking

You are irritable with spouse, kids, and friends

You know you are stressed, but procrastinate stress management techniques

Self-talk “Hang on until the weekend…I’ll be able to sleep then.”

  1. Brownout

You have stopped taking care of your needs for relaxation, adequate rest, and good nutrition

You feel rushed, worried, impatient, indecisive

You are very aware of your fatigue, lower energy and negative feelings about work

Sleep is often disturbed, eating patterns change

You occasionally binge to feel better – on food, alcohol, shopping, etc…

Homeschooling seems to dominate your life

Self-talk “I need a vacation, but there’s too much work to do.”

  1. Burn-out

You are often angry and cynical

You feel detached and withdrawn from work

You have frequent physical illnesses

Your handwriting deteriorates

You experience chronic fatigue, irritability and mood swings

You feel there is no support

You perceive everyone as too demanding

Self-talk ”I wish everyone would just leave me alone.”

  1. Despair

Tremendous sense of failure, self-doubt

Very low self-esteem

A feeling of No Self – “Who am I?”



You feel incompetent, helpless, trapped, discouraged

No satisfaction from work or life itself

Poor physical health

A feeling of “I can’t cope.”

Self-talk “I want to run away from everyone and everything.”


Burn-out will not go away on its own.  You must do something to interrupt the cycle

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