Soldier of God

“Endure hardships with us like a good soldier of Christ Jesus.”
2 Timothy 2:3

Hardships are , well…hard. They can be physical, emotional, spiritual, circumstantial, or social. Our flesh will want to take charge and figure out how to get away from the pain and how to solve the problem which often just makes things worse. Instead, we must realize that any hardship that comes to us comes only with God’s approval for our good. It is to grow us, teach us, or discipline us. If it is for discipline, the answer is repentance. If it is for growth and teaching, the answer is endurance, patience, and much prayer. Prayer for understanding. Prayer for wisdom. Prayer for God to work His work within us to make us more like Him.

Brother Lawrence writes to a soldier friend of his: “I also admire your bravery and courage. God has given you a good disposition and a good will; but there is still in you a little of the world and a great deal of youth. A little lifting up of the heart suffices; a little remembrance of God, one act of inward worship, though upon a march and sword in hand, are prayers which, however short, are nevertheless very acceptable to God; and far from lessening a soldier’s courage in occasion of danger, they best fortify it and kindle hope.”


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