Walking in Grace

“My son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.”
2 timothy 2:1

What is this grace and how do we grow strong in it? Grace is given by God first at salvation. This grace is His love poured out upon us to salvation that does not take into account our sinful acts. This grace is God’s forgiveness and promise of eternity with Him. Then grace becomes the pouring out of God’s wisdom and presence in our lives making us able to walk sinless before Him. This grace also forgives when we repent, gives hope when the world seems bleak, teaches us of God’s glory and His love, and sustains us allowing us to endure hardships. This grace is a daily walk with the Creator God who died for us.

We grow strong in this grace by leaning on God, by trusting in Him, by knowing Him more through praise and prayer and Bible study and Christian fellowship. Thomas More lost his life because he stood against King Henry VIII’s desire to divorce Catherine of Aragon. As he faced his executioners he prayed, “Good and gracious Lord, as You give me grace to acknowledge my sins, so give me grace in both my words and heart to repent them and utterly forsake them. Glorious God, give me Your grace to turn my back on the things of his world and fix my heart solely on You.”

This is grace. May you walk with grace and joy and hope every day.

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