Belief or Faith?

What is the difference between belief and faith?

Belief is a head knowledge. Faith is action. Abraham acted out his belief in God with faith as he had Isaac ready for sacrifice. He believed that God would keep His promise and that he would become a great nation through Isaac, so if God asked him to sacrifice Isaac, then either God would intervene or raise Isaac back from the dead. Abraham acted in faith upon his belief. God intervened.

So what you believe is foundational to your faith. How do we know what to believe? We read the word of God. We learn about His character, His promises, His track record. Our God is faithful to fulfill His promises. Bible study is essential to your faith, just as food is essential to the body. Are you reading the Bible? Are you attending Bible study? Are you praying for the Holy Spirit to lead you and teach you? Are you choosing to believe God’s word? Are you acting upon it in faith?

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