Let Me Love Me

Biblical Self-Esteem

The steps of a man are established by the Lord,

And He delights in his way.

Psalm 37:23


Something you feel, but never hold.

Something you believe, but may not have been told.

One word can make it fragile; one word can make it bold.

It cannot be bought or sold.

Yours is unique and worth much gold.

When it’s broken you feel left out in the cold.

What is it?


Self-esteem – How you view yourself


Fill in the first blank with a noun and the second blank with an adjective.

I am ________________________________________________.

I am ________________________________________________.


The only right answer for a Christian is I am a child of God. I am lovable.


Each of us were born with the need for affection and affirmation, for love and significance.

We learned to get these needs met in various ways. How do you meet these needs? Are you a performer? A people pleaser? Or have you given up and feel like a failure?


Understanding who our God is and what He thinks about you is the key to a healthy and truthful self-esteem. You do this by:


  • Accepting Christ’s death as the payment for your sin.
  • Discovering the powerful implications of your salvation and learning to stand against Satan’s lies and deceptions.
  • Giving yourself grace to be in process.
  • Knowing your propensity
  1. Performance addict having to meet certain standards to feel good about                                                 themselves
  2. Approval addict having to be approved by others to feel good about                                                       themselves
  3. Playing the blame game knowing that they are unworthy of love and deserve                                        to be punished
  4. Live in Shame thinking that they cannot change and that they are hopeless.


  • Choosing to believe that you are worthy because God says you are.
  1. Performance addict needs to understand justification – legal act
  2. Approval addict needs to understand reconciliation – the relationship
  3. The person playing the blame game needs to understand propitiation
  4. The person living in shame needs to understand regeneration – the                                                         new creation.



Because of Christ’s Redemption,

I am a new creation of infinite worth.

I am deeply loved,

I am completely forgiven,

I am fully pleasing,

I am totally accepted by God,

I am absolutely complete in Christ!

When my performance

Reflects my new identity in Christ,

That reflection is dynamically unique!

There has never been another person like me

In the history of mankind,

Nor will there ever be!

(Dr. Robert McGee – Search for Significance)


For further study on Biblical Self-esteem see www.abidingtruthministry.com. Go to Resources and scroll down to What Really Happened at the Cross. You can download the Flesh Inventory and the Old Nature/New Natures Chart.



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