The Insatiable Quest for Beauty

A Young Woman’s Guide to Overcoming Our Culture’s Obsession with Perfection


The Insatiable Quest for Beauty:
A young woman’s guide
to overcoming our culture’s obsession with perfection

Grab a cup of coffee, curl up in a comfy chair, and get ready to talk girl to girl, woman to woman, about an insatiable quest for beauty and the things that come with it:
body image issues,
low self-esteem,
unhealthy eating patterns,
and looking to dating for our worth.
Tiffany was one of those girls who hated her reflection in the mirror and wished to God she could spend a day in the shoes of someone who was truly beautiful. She tried to do whatever it took to make herself perfect, but the quest led down a road far uglier than she had ever imagined.

However, out of her brokenness, Tiffany found a confidence that filled the depths of her soul and gave her a reason to walk with head held high. She found everything she was searching for – only it wasn’t to be found in beauty…

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