Experiencing Joy in the Midst MP3

Keeping our eyes on Jesus in the midst of the chaos of our world


Dara will talk about the troubles and suffering we all go through. Our storms may look different, but there are some strategies she sets forth to overcome and experience joy while going through each situation. It’s all about perspective and priorities. Join Dara as she explains where our trouble comes from, Who is with us as He teaches us to overcome, and how to stay connected to our faith in Jesus in the midst.

Homeschooling is such a joy!  We get to spend time with our kids, see the light come on when they learn a new skill, experience life with them from a child’s perspective, and rejoice in the victories!  There is also laundry, and dishes, and dust, and extended family, and sickness, and moving, and unemployment, etc.  How does a homeschooling family keep moving forward in the midst?  Can they experience joy when life’s circumstances are anything but joyful?  YES!  Come hear Dara give personal and Biblical advice on finding Joy in the Midst.


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