On This Day: A Daily Guide to Spiritual Lessons from American History

Daily Devotional for One Year


It is the rare devotional that actually applies, exemplifies biblical teaching, and gets passed on from reader to reader. On This Day is just such a book. It is a riveting devotional that the entire family can enjoy and learn from together. Through the course of one year, this historically-based devotional will guide you through the pages of American history. You will experience America’s early years as witnessed by our nation’s citizens and presidents. Through daily studies and historical accounts, you will learn how this nation was truly founded on faith. Accompanied by a daily Scripture and prayer, On This Day will challenge you and your family to consider your American heritage in action and apply the Scripture and prayers to your daily lives.

As a chaplain in the U.S. Army for 24 years and a current pastor, Dr. Paul Barkey knows how to relate biblical truth in relevant ways. His ability to recognize the hand of God in everyday occurrences makes him uniquely qualified to write a devotional based on the remarkable sense of Providence that guided the formation of this nation. Far from being simple history lessons with a Bible verse thrown in for good measure, Dr. Barkey shows that God’s unmistakable fingerprints are all over American history. More importantly, he connects biblical and American history with an eye to the present, being ever mindful to apply the lessons of history to the questions of today. On This Day is great not only for individual reading but also works well as a quick and easy lesson book for family devotions.


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