Gracefully Letting Go MP3

You raised them, now what?


You’ve raised them to know right from wrong.  You’ve schooled them through history, math, reading, and science.  You’ve driven them to practices and games, competitions and reward ceremonies.  You’ve fed them, wiped their tears, and showed them the way.  You have introduced them to Jesus and encouraged them to have a relationship with their Lord.  Now it is time for them to fly on their own.  How do you let them go?  Are they ready? Are you ready?  Dara will address concerns of teens as they enter the next phase of life called adulthood, and their parents as they face empty nest.  There is a way to prepare your teen for what is to come and to prepare your heart for this different relationship with your child. Dara and her husband have homeschooled 5 boys who are successfully launched, but continue to be great friends and a real joy to their parents.


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