Number Your Days

“So teach us to number our days,

That we may present to You a heart of wisdom.”
Psalm 90:12

We number our days by making each one count.  Deliberate and diligence study of the Word of God will make our days count unto wisdom.   Many a Christian will look back once life is over and realize that their days were spent in worldly pursuits exclusive of Godly pursuits.  Wisdom is gained only through fellowship with God the Father through Jesus Christ the Son and with the help and teaching of the Holy Spirit.  Talk to God today!

Hint of the Day: Kids have a hard time keeping track of time.  Help them out with a calendar or a basket of day counters.  When the boys were young and my husband went away on a work trip, we would wrap small presents, one per day he was gone, and put them in a basket.  The boys got a present a day from Dad, and as the presents diminished, they knew Dad was closer to coming home!  Sometimes Dad would leave paper plates with faces on them fo each child’s breakfast if he had to leave before they woke up.  A few times he left them a treasure hunt with clues and a prize.  Even though he oculdn’t be there, he loved them through his actions.  The basket of day counters is also great to help children count up to a big event.  Presents can be pencils, erasers, gum, etc.  Or stickers that they can then place on a calendar.

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