Tracy’s birthday

September 20, 2011 11:04

Today is my sweet husband’s birthday. He is such a joy in my life. We have been married 26 years – yes girls, that’s possible!! And each year gets sweeter and sweeter as we grow closer. We are at a strange phase of life. After raising 5 boys, we are in our last year of homeschooling. The boys are doing well and bless us daily and we have time to spend on other pursuits. (Thus, blogging!!) I was thinking about love earlier as I was writing a chapter for the Practical Proverbs for Younger Children workbook. Love is really duty and commitment. The feelings keep us going and motivated at times, but they come and go. God so loved He gave… that was the ultimate sacrifice and commitment and should be our example. I so love that I gave up a career and selfish living to homeschool. There were days that I soared on feelings of love and greatness. But more often I prayed for grace to get through the next hour!! The commitment definitely outweighed the feelings!! My husband so loved that he is passing by career opportunities now that he might be available to me to get Abiding truth Ministry up and running! Tracy has shown his love with flowers and kisses, but also with shaving my legs after I had had back surgery, and sitting with me for hours in the hospital after another back surgery. He looked past the messy house at times and loved me anyway. We laugh together, cry together, pray together, talk together, and love together. I am so glad that God saw my need and gave me Tracy!!
For those of you with teenagers: Teach them that in a marriage relationship that 1/2 + 1/2 does not equal a whole, but rather a whole + a whole equals a greater whole! That just means that each person needs to be complete within their own relationship with Christ and with themselves before they try and find a partner and that partner needs to be whole in Christ and themselves as well. If one person is needy and the other is always there to meet that neediness, it is a lopsided relationship!

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