“You have anointed my head with oil…” Psalm 23:5b

In the Old Testament a prophet would anoint the head of the next king.  You are royalty and are anointed to be a prince or princess!  David was anointed when he was a young boy to become the next king of Israel.  He did not actually get to realize that position for many years after  many trials.  We, also, are anointed but we won’t realize our position until we get to heaven.  Until then we are royalty in training!  We must go through trials also.  We must also keep looking to that day – it is a reality.  Psalm 18 is a song of David as God delivers him from the clutches of Saul, once again.  In verse 43 David acknowledges that God has placed him as head of a people.  This was not his experience at the time, but rather an acknowledgement of God’s promise from the time of his anointing. 

In the New Testament, anointing was used to send out ambassadors for Christ.  New ministers and missionaries and workers were anointed before being sent out.  It was an acknowledgement of God’s hand upon their lives and calling to tell others about Christ Jesus.  It was a promise to pray for and stand beside those that went out.  the anointed were to be faithful to the gospel and to be about the task of evangelizinig and training.  We, too, are ambassadors of Christ.  God has anointed us to go and tell.

The third way that anointing is used in the Bible is in the process of prayer for healing.  We are anointed with healing oil form the Lord and have been made pure and complete in Him in our spirit.  Our bodies will still suffer this effects of this world, but we are whole ad clean before God.

So, we have been anointed as royalty and as ambassadors and healed within our spirit.  One is a position that is ours but will be realized in the future.  The next is the task that we are to be about now.  God has anointed my head with oil…  I am His.  He loves me.  He delights in me.  He is saving a place for me as His osn or daughter.  He is sending me out to bring others to a relationship with Him.  I am anointed and so are you !

Hint of the Day: Olive oil has great healing properties today.  I soak my fingernails in it at night and they grow strong and not brittle.  Others use it for their hair and skin. 

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