God’s Table

“You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies…”

Eating together is an intimate occupation.  We don’t usually eat with strangers.  We eat with those we love, or at least like!  Family and friends join us at the table for celebration, for fellowship, for daily sustenance.  We will be eating at God’s table in heaven at the Supper of the Lamb with our Father, our Big Brother, and our other brothers and sisters in Christ.  But even now we can come to a spiritual table and eat daily of God’s Word.  It will sustain our Spirit life, give us energy and vitality.  When we have supped on the word of God, then we are ready to stand before our enemies with God’s truth.  That is the most powerful weapon we have!  And truth will hold up against any of satan’s plans or attacks.  God’s truth is solid; it cannot be broken or cast down.   It will stand!  “Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will not pass away.” (Mark 13:31)

When a Christian chooses to go days, even weeks without spiritual food, he becomes weak and unable to use the truth against satan, and then doubts and self-recriminations, and self-hatred will be his mind set.  Don’t starve yourself or go on a diet when it comes to God’s Word.  Eat of it often; eat of it in abundance; be filled with God’s truth.  Then you are ready to stand against the schemes of the devil. (Ephesians 6:11)  When we are filled with truth, we stand in faith.  When we know our God, we can see and hear our God and we can act wisely.

Christians, our table is prepared.  Are you sitting at it?  Are you eating daily God’s Word?  If not, find victory and joy and peace and love at the table that God has prepared for you even in the presence of your enemies.  Do not be afraid of men, for what can they do to you, but rather fear God who has rule over the souls of man. (Luke 12:4)

Hint of the Day:  When teaching your children, teach them truth first in their lives, first in their day.  Then don’t be afraid to teach them the world’s falehoods such as other religions and revolution.  Teach them to hold up these false teachings to the truth that they already know.  They will easily see the depth of God’s truth and the shallowness of satan’s lies.  I actually became a Christian after going through all of the world religions.  Christianity was the only one that made sense and that answered the true problem of sin!  Your children will be able to defend their beliefs, only after learning what others believe.  But don’t teach it until you know that God’s truth has taken deep root in their lives and even then only teach from a biblical perspective.  Truth will stand!

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