What Happened at the Cross?

Good morning!  It has been awhile since I posted.  I needed some time to get my feet back on the ground after a tough spiritual battle.  God wins!  And I am once again fully His!  There is victory in letting go of judgment and pride and letting God be God.  I am not in control and I am so glad!!!

I am getting ready to do a women’s retreat and we are starting at the cross.  My question to the ladies will be: “What happened at the cross?”  Answers will be in the form of “We were…”  some that I have come up with include:

We were…
Set free
Made pure

I came up with many more, but what about you?  What can you add to my list? 

This is a great process.  The next step will be to define what those words actually mean lived out in our lives.  Stay tuned!

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