My Cup Overflows

“My cup overflows.” Psalm 23:5c

This one is easy and fun!  Especially since we went to the Sequioa National Forest and King’s Canyon yesterday!  My cup overflows with the blessings of the Lord!  His creation is amazing and He made such beauty out of the chaos of the flood!  Wow!!!  He can make beauty out of the chaos of my life also!  What can you thank God for today?  Is it good health, great friends, faithful spouse, wonderful children, good circumstances?  Or is it just because He is your God?  His blessings include His presence, His access, His joy, His peace, His love, His forgiveness, His grace, etc.  My cups overflows!

Are you able to praise Him in the midst?  Joni Earickson-Tada is a woman that I most admire.  She was paraliyzed at the age of 17 from a diving accident.  She is now in her 50’s and has been a quadripelegic for 4 decades!  She wrote in her recent book, A Place of Healing, that she would not change her paralysis or her life even though she has entered into a period of severe and intense pain.  She has experienced God very deeply and in amazing ways because she has had to depend on Him.  Without the trials of her life, she would never had known the depths of His love and grace. I have never experienced paralysis, but I have had chronic and severe pain everyday of my life.  God has been so good to me in the midst.  when I feel that I can’t keep doing this, He reminds me that He hasn’t asked me to do it for the next week or year or twenty years, but just for today. And His grace is sufficient for each day! So, even if you can’t thank God for your circumstances right now, that is okay; just thank Him for being there with you.

My cup overflows with the joy of knowing God and seeing His hand in creation, my life, others, and in knowing that He is faithful and in the end, I will be with Him for eternity!

Take time to praise God and let your cup overflow today!

Hint of the day: Teach your children to see God’s hand in the ordinary, everyday occurances of life – a sunrise, a sunset, the ocean staying within its bounds.  Show them God in there celebrations and in their failures.  God is there.  He cares.  When large things happen like a move, a trip, a change of circumstances, help them to look for God in the midst.  In great tragedy, help them to see God in the healing and in the journey.

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