“For where your treasure is there your heart will be also.”

Luke 12:34


You can tell a person’s heart from their treasure and you can tell a person’s treasure from their heart. So what do you treasure?  Is it people, time, money, advancement, career, stuff, God, ministry, or something else?  Treasure does not necessarily equal time because we all have the have to’s of life.  Treasure does not necessarily equal money because we all have things that we have to have to survive.  But what about the leftovers?  How do you spend your left over time or money?  That is a good indicator of your heart.


If your excess talk is all about you and your adventures or all about your stuff, then your treasures are telling me of a selfish heart. If your excess talk is about encouraging someone or helping others or wondering what God wants you to be about, then your heart is in the right spot.  We are to “Boast in the Lord”.  Are your words telling the others about you or about your God?  Are you spending time on your knees and in His word?  That is how treasures are stored in heaven.  Psalms says that our tears are stored in a bottle in heaven.  Have you cried out to your God with a broken heart for others?


It is worth pondering. You have authority over your life to make it what is glorifying to God.  If your heart is busy talking to God and learning the things of God, then your treasures will indeed be in heaven.  Seek Him today and obey.

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