Losing Faith? Remember!

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When we find ourselves questioning God’s activity in our lives or His great love for us, we need to remember. It is important to remember God’s goodness, His salvation, His works in the Bible, and his work in our lives.  Why should we remember? Because our God never changes! If He was once good, He is forever good. Our circumstances may be bleak, our outlook may be downcast, but our God is still good! When we remember, we can look up past the moment and hope for tomorrow. We can remember God’s love and move into a spirit of praise and prayer that will again bring us near to God. He is always there. He always cares. We must remember and return to Him.



“When I remember you on my bed,
I meditate on You in the night watches,
For You have been my help,
And in the shadow of Your wings I sing for joy.”
Psalm 63:6-7




I spoke with a beautiful Christian woman yesterday who is a grandmother. She says that she doesn’t have her grandkids put away the toys at her house when they leave to go home. That allows her to remember each joyful moment with them as she puts each toy away. She remembers the laughter and fun that they had while playing with each toy.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes my memory isn’t so good! I get caught in the moment and forget yesterday. So, I journal. I write down all the good things that God is doing. Then when I need to remember, I can go to my journal and praise Him for His goodness!

Hint for the day: It is important for our kids to remember God’s goodness also. Try to speak often of things that God has done in your lives. When we made a tough move from Texas to Florida when our kids were in elementary school, we had them make a newsletter of the move. They told how they had seen God’s hand in preparing us for the move and even in the move itself. Then they told of the new place and the hope they had of making friends there and waiting to see what God was going to do. He was active in their lives. They remembered what He had done and were willing to bet that He would again be part of their new home.

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