Days and Days of Monotony


We often drive through west Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. Last year we took a trip that also included Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, and Oklahoma. We did eventually get to see some mountains, but there was a whole lot of grassland and desert to cross first. But even in the mundane of desert land, cactus, mesquite, and flat land there was beauty. Tracy saw two or three coyotes. (I was sleeping!) The clouds and sky were ever changing and beautiful. The farms and occasional small town broke up the days and days of monotony.

Sometimes I feel that life is monotonous. You know the routine: meals, laundry, ironing, chauffeuring kids to events, etc. Sometimes, I just get plain bored! But, when I look around and enjoy the moments, the people, the sky, and all of nature and remember to praise my Father in Heaven for all the monotonous things in my life, my day takes on a new tone. Enjoying the moments can break up the days and days of monotony.

Learning to “smell the roses along your path” brings joy in the midst. Being creative with the daily chores can also be an escape from monotony. Ironing can become an opportunity to pray for those whose shirts are getting wrinkle free! Meals can become an opportunity to try a new recipe or to decorate the table differently. Carrying the kids to an event can become a time of intimate relationship and joy of sharing. The day to day of monotony can be broken up by simply smiling instead of grumping. You might get an unexpected smile or hug in return.

If your marriage has become monotonous, spice it up! Plan a surprise picnic lunch and kidnap your spouse. Or write up treasure hunt clues and let your spouse find an invitation to dinner, flowers, or maybe you with just a bow on! Have a wet t-shirt competition with just one contestant. Step into the shower with your husband’s white t-shirt on and leave a bucket of warm water on the floor on the other side of the curtain. Call you husband in to help with something. I bet he’ll figure it out!

Celebrate the little things. Sing in gratitude for all things. Smile more. Listen more. And parise God in the midst of all things. Monotony will become fun and excitement!

Hint for the day:  When I am cleaning bathrooms, I try to praise God for children that make a mess!  Try singing as you do the dishes, praising as you dust the furniture, and praying for each member of the family as you set their plate at the table.  A monotonous task will become joyfilled!

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