On This Day in Church Mission History: Spiritual Lesson

from Martyrs, Missionaries, and Ministries


This daily devotional of 365 short stories and prayers is full of inspiring biographies of
people of faith who ventured out to seek ways of winning others to Christ Jesus. As you
read this book, you will discover men and women of different periods of history, many
nationalities, races, and denominational traditions who had one thing in common: they were
all committed to following Jesus Christ wherever He might lead them, but in very different
historical contexts. Here you will find evangelists, hymn writers, poets, businessmen and
women, pastors and teachers, clergy and laity, missionaries, martyrs, and others. Many
worked primarily in the church, others in political life, some in business. But all were serious
disciples of Jesus Christ. As such they are models for us. All of them sought to use the gifts
God had given them for His glory.


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