Faces of Truth: Collection of Historical Biographies

100 Christians that influenced America (Hardback)


Premise for this book about famous Christians

In 1988 Douglas and Norma Latta accepted in their spirits an extremely strong unction to begin developing artistic portraits and mini-biographies of famous highly achieving movers and shakers from our history, all of whom were outspoken Christians. These Christian testimonies represent examples of how faith formed and how it sustains our nation. The work on this book has continued from 1988 until this present time. America’s greatness was built on the Bible and Judeo-Christian principles.

This book is dedicated to helping restore this fact of America’s historical truth. Since World War II American culture has been aggressively pushed in the direction of depravity by irresponsible entertainment, news media led by committed secularists and disingenuous educators’ desire to ignore and abolish our Christian heritage.

America has never been without flaws. Her worst and most obvious flaw has always been her acceptance of slavery. It was Christians in America and England who, applying Biblical principles pressed relentlessly for the abolition of slavery which ended this terrible sin. Also, through our founding American jurists, the Bible has been the source of America’s legal system.

The subjects in this book are:

  • Not clergy (some became clergy later)
  • All deceased
  • Of both genders
  • Representative of most major professions
  • Representative of many races

This book of Christian testimonies is intended to:

  • Edify and inspire Christian families with the knowledge of how God’s hand has been on their nation through the faith of born-again believers in Jesus; the things they were taught in public school notwithstanding.
  • Be an educational tool in Christian schools and to home schools by academically documenting the Christian truth of our heritage; and by exposing our secularists’ academic disingenuousness.
  • Be an evangelical tool in Christian homes in the form of an artistically attractive coffee table book clearly available to all who visit their home. The art in this book is intended to be the “hook” of attraction for this book.


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