Attributes of Heavenly Father #3

“But now, Oh Lord, You are our Father; we are the clay, and You our Potter; And all of us are the work of Your hand.” Isaiah 64:8

God, our Father, wants to mold us into His image.  Most earthly fathers have that same dream for their sons.  For some it is to take up the same profession or to excel in the same sport or past time.  For others it is to mold men of character and men of courage.  Some fathers know how to go about doing this while still allowing the child their individual personality and freedom to become who God created him to be.  Others try to force their ideals and dreams upon their offspring and either break their spirit or cause rebellion to swell up. 
 God chooses to mold His children first through a great sacrifice then with His great words of wisdom that transform and also by the Holy Spirit that lives within us to convict, train, comfort, teach, rebuke, and love us.  It is through the Father’s modeling of grace and mercy and compassion and forgiveness that we learn grace, and mercy and compassion and forgiveness.  It is through His words that we learn the road to righteous living.  It is the Holy Spirit that disciplines us, guides us, encourages us , and keeps us on the narrow path.

Oh Lord, that You would mold my heart to look like yours.  No greater compliment could be given than that I am like my Father! 



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