“Therefore there is now no condemnation in Christ Jesus.”
Romans 8:1

Happy 4th of July!  Today is the day that we celebrate freedom.  Freedom from tyranny and coersion.  Freedom to worship and speak, gather and bear arms.  I think that I don’t really understand that freedom as I should because I have never been enslaved or imprisoned or lived under a government that didn’t allow these activities.  I am grateful and I appreciate our freedom, but I am not sure I understand them to the depth that I should. 

As a Christian, however, I do understand the breadth of the freedom we have in Christ!  I was a sinner separated from God; I have known guilt and shame; I have been in bondage to my own passions and desires.  But now… Now there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus!!!  Freedom from sin and shame and separation is mine!  I know the depth of depravity and depression, and I know the joy of release!  Today I celebrate my country’s freedom, but I also celebrate the liberation of my soul.  I know that if man were to take my body prisoner, that I will be okay, even content because I can stand in the presence of the love of Almighty God!

I know a lot of Christians that have not experienced the freedom that is theirs in Christ because they have not spent time in His Word, His presence.  They have not drunk from the depth of His wisdom and joy. They have the Holy Spirit within them, but they don’t allow Him the freedom to guide and direct.  They have not fully put their trust in God and they remain prisoners of their own fear and depression, their past and their supposed future. 

Dear Sister and Brother in Christ, Freedom is yours!  Claim it!  Be transformed by the  renewing of your mind.  Find instruction and wisdom.  Seek knowledge and understanding.  It is there in the person of Christ Jesus and in His Word.  God may not choose to change your circumstance, but He can change your heart and your mind in the midst.  Joni Earickson Tada has a new book out: A Place of Healing.  It is a worthwhile read.  She is a quadripilegic that is contending with daily, chronic pain, but she finds joy in the midst. God has promised us peace and joy and His presence as well as troubles and tribulations here on earth.  Plunge into the depths of His love and know true freedom.

Hint of the Day: Pretending that all is well is not the same of experiencing freedom.  If you put a smile on because that is what Christians are supposed to do, then you have it all wrong, my Friend.  Find your joy first, then smile.  For me that was dealing with my past and the fears of the future and letting God be Lord of it all.  For many years my smile was a mask; now it is a reflection of a life hidden in Christ and experiencing His love and joy.  I wish the same for you.

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