Abiding in the Word

“Anyone who goes too far and does not abide in the teaching of Christ,

does not have God;
the one who abides in the teaching,
he has the Father and the Son.”
2 John 1:9

So we are to abide not only in the Father and in the Son, but also in their teaching, that is the word of God.  When my oldest was 3 years old, I had had a rough morning and had been impatient with him.  He put his little fists on his hips and said, “You haven’t spent time with God this morning!”  And he was right.  That was one of those days where the morning got away from me and I had neglected my time with God and in His word.  Abiding means to stay there.  Are you staying in God’s word, reading it and meditating upon it?  Are you memorizing it and singing it?  Abiding in God the Father ad Jesus the Christ is about relationship, but abiding in the Word leads us to that relationship.  If you abide in God’s word, others will notice!


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