Attributes of Our Heavenly Father #9

“But when they hand you over,
do not worry about how or what you are to say;
for it will be given you in that hour what you are to say.
For it is not you who speak,
but it is the Spirit of your Father who speaks in you.”
Matthew 10:19-20

Our Heavenly Father will not forsake us in time of trouble.  He will be with us to the end and He will give us the words to speak to be a testimony of Him to the world.  My worse nightmare is of the endtimes and of having to choose between life without God and death.  But I need not be afraid!  God promises that He will be right there with me at any such time.  I see this through the testimony of those who have been martyred in times past.  God’s grace and presence was evident in their words, their actions, their grace and mercy, and they went right into the Father’s arms and into paradise.

God will give us strength and the words to speak.  I think of the testimony of some Christian missionaries who were in China during the Boxer Revolution.  Christians and foreigners were being sought out and killed.  A whole family along with other workers at one compound were lined up in front of a firing squad.  The parents told their small children to shut their eyes and sing “Jesus Loves Me” and that the next thing they would know was that they would be in Jesus’ arms.  They all died with praise and testimony of Jesus’ love on their lips. 

There are stories of martyrs of the early church who were burned at the stake singing and praising God.  If God did that for them, He will do the same for us.  He will not forsake us in time of trouble, and He will be there to take us into His arms!  Be bold.  Speak truth.  Walk a life of testimony through the Holy Spirit.  God will lead and guide.  Trust Him.


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