Family background

“Forever, O Lord,
Your word Is settled in heaven.”
Psalm 119:89

Line up your priorities for 2014 with the verse above and have a great year!

Those who have been coming regularly to my blog know that I usually include a Bible verse and commentary.  I am going to try to be more personable in 2014.  This will include thoughts and emotions and the goings on of the Halydier clan.  So let me introduce my family to you.

Tracy is the head honcho.  He is an administrator for a civil engineering team in Houston, TX but works out of an office in our little West Texas town. He is an amazing father, has a servant’s heart and is my best friend of 28 years.

Garrett is our oldest.  He is in Hawaii in law school.  He has a Master’s degree in international business as well.  He is also co-owner of a marketing business with his brother Nathan.  Garrett loves doing research, writing, and online gaming.

Nathan is the other half of the Paramarketing Firm.  He is the creative hands-on owner over graphics, sales, and office management.  He lives in South Carolina.  Nathan is a people person and loves doing – anything!  He loves water sports, sightseeing, travel, board games, etc…

Aaron is married to Hannah and they work in Austin, TX.  Aaron is a sales rep for his older brothers.  He has a degree in animal science and grassland management.  He loves animals, lifting weights, crafts with leather and wood, and good food.

Ethan is married to Eighmy and is about to become a first time dad. (Our first grandchild!)  He works for his dad and is training to become an IT techie.  He is in college at Howard Payne University in Brownwood, TX.

Lucas is in Killeen, TX at Central Texas College.  He is studying aviation and wants to be a missionary pilot.  His roommate, Holley is from Saipan and we claim him as one of ours also.

Dara (that’s me!) is a mom.  I iron, do dishes, make meals, etc… I also try to get some writing into my days.  I speak at women’s retreats and conferences all over America and love it!  I am looking forward to being a grandma.  Especially the spoil them and send them home kind!

Keeping up with grown children is almost as hard as when they were little.  That takes up a lot of time.  Tracy and I also enjoy traveling, and RVing.  I have spina bifida which does not leave me in a wheel chair, but I deal with chronic pain and medications.  Our dog, Jack, a Golden Retriever, keeps me walking!  He and I try to do a mile each day.  The doctors are predicting two surgeries this next year, but I am lifting weights and walking trying to put them off as long as possible. 

Well, that’s all for now.  I hope that you join us on this journey of 2014 and that you will grow closer to God and more at peace throughout the year.

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