Keeping an Eternal Perspective

Keep a proper perspective:

“I will enter His gates with Thanksgiving in my heart,

I will enter His courts with praise…”
Psalm 100:4

We can get really caught up in the immediate, especially when things aren’t going well.  But that’s the time that we most need to spend time in thanksgiving and praise to the Creator God who loves us and died for us. 

Joni Erickson-Tada wrote about a conversation that she had with some friends about hiking.  She asked them what the best part of hiking was.  They replied that when they got out from under the trees and stepped out onto the top of a hill, mountain, or peak and saw the vista before them, that was the best because they could see where they came from and where they were headed.  Then they said that the worst hikes are those that never come out from under the trees.  You just keep walking and walking and it seems like you will never see the end. 

Your time spent with God should be your vistas.  There you will find perspective.  You will remember the eternal and the temporal won’t be so oppressive.  Praise reminds you that the things of today won’t last forever.  So go ahead and take a look!  Whether you have an hour to sit and stare at eternity or just a few minutes to glance that direction, it will give you the right perspective and you will be able to get through your day.

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