Intro to our family

September 15, 2011 09:45

I live in San angelo, TX. Sometimes it seems like the end of the world, but really it is a great town in the middle of nowhere!! It is central to all the wonderful places that we got to travel to this past summer for homeschool conventions, but most of all it contains some of the most loved people in my life. My husband, Tracy, is of course my first love (Other than Jesus!). Tracy works at home for an engineering firm out of Houston. Together we love to garage sale, travel, watch old tv series, and do the day to day living of life.
Then there are Ethan, Lucas, and Aaron who still all reside at home. Aaron is 20 and in his senior year at ASU studying animal science and rangeland management. He is into weight lifting and nutrition as well as bull riding, leather working, and hunting. He is a joy and keeps us on our toes!! Ethan and Lucas are seniors in homeschool high school. They are dually enrolled in two classes at a local junior college. We still hit Physics, Spanish, Bible, writing, and Government at the kitchen table!! They work at Chik-fil-A and play in the worship band at church. Lucas also is involved in Civil Air Patrol and is working on getting enough hours in the air for his pilot’s license. Basketball starts for them in a couple of weeks.
Our two grown and flown boys are Garrett and Nathan. We are proud of the life choices that they continue to make our on their own. Garrett is in law school in Hawaii. He also works for the lawyers at the University of Hawaii. In his spare time he snorkels, hikes, surfs, and co-teaches a Bible study. Nathan is a graphic artist and part-time youth director in SC. He also loves sports, especially water sports, and hanging out with friends. He is an amazing musician as well.
My in-laws also live in San Angelo and even though they are fairly housebound, they radiate with God’s love and joy. They always inspire us and encourage us.
Then there are Jack and Sassy! Jack is a golden retriever. He seemed bored by himself so we got him a weimeramer puppy! They are hilarious especially when the sprinklers are on!! They chase and play and nap together while we watch and laugh.
That’s my family. I feel so blessed to have raised and been allowed to stay home and school our boys. I think back to all the great memories and feel sorry for working moms who only get a couple of hours a day with their kids. Sure there were times that I wanted a career or just some peace and quiet, but no regrets as I look back on our 21 years of homeschooling and raising a family. Our God is good!!

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