The King’s Daughter

“The King’s daughter is all glorious within…” Psalm 46:13

We are moving.  Actually we are supposed to be moved.  Instead we are stuck in a house with everything packed, no electricity for a time, and no idea when the closing will really happen.  This makes me grumpy, irritable, and wanting to cry.  I don’t feel much like a princess today.  Now when we do get moved I will not have the help of one of our boys who needs to show up at college next Tuesday.  I was hoping for more help.  He may even have to spend his first few college nights on a floor at my friend’s house.  My life doesn’t look much like the life of a princess right now.  I only have a couple outfits available and why put on makeup to sit around an empty house?  I don’t look much like a princess right now.  But…!  That doesn’t change the fact that I am a princess!!!  That’s right, I am still the daughter of the King of Kings!

I can’t change my circumstances or my clothing situation, but I can choose to still be glorious within!  I am working on that.  I am trying to answer with soft words, not complain, to laugh a lot, and wait upon God with excited anticipation.  There is a reason that we are still here.  One reason was that we got to pray with our waitress last night.  She has a very sick grandfather.  We prayed, she cried, and then she told us thank you.  As we were leaving she told us that our caring had changed her evening.  I reminded her that God loved her and she agreed to not forget that.  The boys (twins, age 18) are getting to spend more time with friends, and I am able to squeeze in one more Bible study with a teenage girl that I mentor.  God has His reasons. 

So, I will choose to be glorious within when my circumstances without are not all that great.  In the end, we will get moved, my boys will get to college with college books ordered, and we will have fun memories of watching the Olympics in an otherwise empty living room!  I will choose laughter over tears and a smile over a grump.  As God’s daughter, He gives me power to choose!  I will praise Him, be thankful for all things, and trust in His timing because I am His princess!

Hint for the day: Teach your kids that attitudes are a choice.  If they “woke up on the wrong side of the bed”, have them go back to bed and get out on the other side.  That is always good for a laugh or two!  If they are having a grumpy day, send them to be by themselves until they can come in and join the family without a frown.  Being sad is okay when circumstances call for sadness, but being grumpy is a choice! 

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