Safety in the Midst of Dangers

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Man did everything he could to put up dangerous items to keep the birds from perching on the top of the pole in the picture. Neither nails or a scary owl was able to keep this one stout-hearted pigeon from settling down in the midst of the danger for a rest. Are you in the midst? Are scary situations keeping you awake or on high alert? Satan will try to hem you in with nails of insecurity, unfaithfulness, fear, and failure. Are you stout-hearted enough in your faith in God to sit and rest in the midst of these dangers?

God promises us that He is our rest. “Come to Me all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.” Yes, there are times that rest is a break from the strains of life, but more often, rest is in the midst. How do you rest in the midst? You set your mind of God, trust that He loves you and wants what is best for you and will only allow only the dangers that will mold you into the person of character that He wants you to mature into to come into your life. No matter what those dangers look like, whether they are from without or from within, you can be at peace and at rest in the midst by trusting and resting against God’s breast of care and safety. So, go ahead and shut your eyes. Go to sleep. God is bigger than your circumstances and will meet you right there in the midst.


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