“The Lord sat as King at the flood;
Yes, the Lord sits as King forever.”
Psalm 29:10

It’s raining!  It has been raining for a week!  But here in West Texas we are not complaining!!  We are rejoicing for the life-giving moisture!  Thank you Lord! 

Rain can be a blessing when there is not enough water and God opens the windows of heaven.  But it can also be curse when there is too much rain and the floods come!  Just as rain can be a blessing or a curse, so it goes with other areas of our lives.  It is all about perspective and need!  Suffering comes because we live in Satan’s world.  Are you complaining or praising?  Are you allowing your suffering to work as a curse or a blessing? 

Think about the flood.  The one most catastrophic event in world history.  It brought death and destruction to the entire population of earth except for 8 souls and the animals that survived.  It was a curse to those who lived at the time.  But now, as we look back, we can see it as a blessing.  God used it to wipe out the nephilim and the ungodly humans.  He gave humanity a chance to choose the right direction.  He formed the mountains, canyons, hills, and rivers that we stand in awe of.  Out of destruction came another chance (we humans still blew it!) and great beauty.  God was King then and He turned the greatest catastrophe into a blessing.

God is King now.  He can turn your greatest calamity into blessing as well.  Choose to believe that God is in control.  Choose to believe that He has a plan and a purpose for your life.  Choose to believe that He is good and wants good for you.  Choose to believe that He is King.  Then in the midst of your suffering you can remember that it is “momentary light affliction” compared to eternity.  Whether you are facing pain, death, death of a loved one, a broken relationship, a life changing event, or another form of suffering and change, know that God is in control and He loves you.  Choose praise!

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