Transitions are tough!!

October 18, 2011 06:50

We are going through the mid-life transition as we approach empty nest. With the twins dual enrolling at the local community college for two classes, my teaching load has been greatly reduced. I find myself struggling with wanting to just be a mom (laundry, meals, cleaning, etc.) and running a ministry that requires several hours a day. But, it beats not knowing what I am going to do when they leave! Most of all, I am having to trust God on another level for the day to day. The pain and tiredness of the fibromyalgia and back fusions only complicate things. But God has promised that He will go with us through it all! I am so glad. With that hope, I can get from day to day. I find my joy in the little things: kids laughing, roses blooming, dogs playing, coca-cola (only occassionally!), chocolate (more than I should!), and conversation. There is joy in the presence of God and I am working on practicing the presence of God all day long!
For those of you with kids going into high school, just hang in there! When they hit about age 22, they learn that Mom and Dad did know something after all!! Grown children are such a joy! But I do know why God gives them to us as cute little, helpless infant. He wants usto fall in love with them so that we don’t kill them when they are teenagers!! Not really, we have been blessed with amazing teenagers! It was easier before they had their own opinions on everything, but there is also joy in seeing them become individuals with unique thoughts and ideas, dreams and plans. So hang in there, stay up late when they want to talk at midnight (you can sleep later), stop whatever you are doing when they want to talk, period! Take each moment and each opportunity to listen, share, pray and love. Don’t forget to have fun with your teenagers. Even a Dairy Queen blizzard can become a cherished memory.

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