God Rules!

Taken from  The Distant Beacon by Janette Oke and T. Davis Bunn.

“So you see that it was not just your plan for good that was thwarted, but God’s plan as well.”
“I mean that your Uncle Charles could have been quite in step with God’s plan for the Harrow estate.  You could have been in step with God’s plan too in your seeking to carry out your uncle’s intent.  But the evil one – he seeks only to alter, to destroy to engage all of the power at his disposal to keep God’s plans from being fulfilled.  He stops at nothing and uses anyone willing to be his tool.”

 Nicole’s “I see” was barely a whisper.

 “But one is not to despair over setbacks or inconveniences.  God is not blind.  Nor powerless.  He has other ways, other means.  Though the devil often appears to be the victor he is not.  Only momentarily at seeming advantage.  But the tide will turn.  God has other ways to accomplish His purposes.  He has not been blindsided, of that you can be certain.”

He leaned back in his chair and joined his hands over his ample girth.  His eyes took on a sparkle that Nicole hadn’t noticed before, “Quite frankly,” he said, “I find it invigorating.  Better than a game of chess.  Satan moves.  God checks.  God moves.  Satan counters.  It sometimes looks like check mate, but it never is.  Not for the enemy of our soul.  God always outplays him. Always.”

 “So you are saying –“

 “Wait, my dear.  Wait to see what God’s next move might be.”

 “You’re saying that God always rectifies?”

 “No,” said the pastor, “I am not saying that.  The evil one does destroy.  Does cause much pain and suffering and loss.  He does oppose and upset God’s plans for God’s people.  But this does not need to defeat us.  Because it does not defeat God.  His overall plan for mankind – to take us from a troubled earth to a perfect heaven – that will be accomplished for all who trust His way.  That is our hope.  We mustn’t let temporary setbacks in a temporary world cause us to retreat and fail to keep that hope alive.”


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