“For I know the plans that I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope.”  Jeremiah 29:11

This verse seems apropo today as we took our youngest son to college yesterday and left him in a dorm.  He is so excited!  He will start private flight on Monday.  His dream is within reach!  When Lucas was 8, we flew from Texas to Florida.  He said then that he wanted to be a pilot when he grew up.  We said, “Sure, sure.” Really expecting him to change his mind ten or a hundred times!  But he never wavered.  He has pursued that dream through the Civil Air Patrol, Flight Academy, and now college.  He feels called to be a missionary pilot.  How wonderful to be so focused.

Our two oldest sons are now the CEO and CFO of The Para Firm Marketing Company.  They offer portfolios of marketing possibilities to small to medium companies.  They, too, are reaching towards who God has designed them to be.  Our middle boy, Aaron, starts his last semester at college with big plans for the future. And our other youngest, Lucas’ twin, Ethan, is playing soccer for a college and praying about God’s direction.

We are proud of all five, but mostly we are confident that as they step out and follow the desires of their hearts, that it was God that put those desires there in the first place.  (Psalm 37:4)  All five love the Lord God and want to serve Him with the talents that He gave each one.  They are all standing on the promises of God’s word and seeking God in each new endeavor. 

That leaves my husband, Tracy, and me.  What are the plans for this next stage of life?  We are not sure, but we know that it includes Abiding Truth Ministry and writing of another book.  We also wait expectantly on the Lord as He leads us to this next phase.  I grew up just wanting to be a wife and mom.  God blessed that dream greatly and I was able to stay home for 27 years and raise the boys.  What a joy!  But now it is time to dream again.  I would love for God to lay it all out there for me in a neat little list, but that would take the joy of relationship out of the picture.  No, God has plans for me and He will reveal them as I need to know them.  His way is best!  I will be diligent to do the next thing next and look for God’s direction. 

Hint of the day: Have your kids plan a family outing all the way down to times, and food, and activities.  Let them enjoy the anticipation of being the one in the know.  They may choose to only let Mom and Dad in on the activities and plans one at a time as they come along.  That is okay!  Relax and enjoy.  (You can put boundaries on the day before it is planned and turned over to the kids, but no griping or complaining the day of!)  Afterwards, tell them that God delights in seeing us live out His plans.  He likes to surprise us sometimes, too.  His plans for us are good just like their plans for the day were.   Yes, sometimes plans go awry due to things that we can’t change, and sometimes God’s plans go awry becuase of others or our own disobedience.  But God does desire good things for us and has a plan and a purpose for each one.  Have them write down the desires of their hearts.  This should not be a list of material wants, but rather who and what they want to become and accomplish.

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