“Be angry, and yet do not sin…” Eph. 4:26

I spoke on raising Godly children this past weekend and the issue of anger always comes up.  Anger is not a sin.  It is an emotion.  God was angry with His people when they worshipped idols.  We are made in His image and therefore, we get angry.  But!  What we do with that anger is our choice and sometimes that choice is sinful.  Anger is a signal that something is wrong.  That your needs are not being met.  That you are not feeling loved or affirmed or appreciated. 

When a child (and some adults) feel angry they need a physical release.  We always suggest running, shooting baskets, or hitting a pillow.  Let your child know that it is never okay to scream, yell, or hit or kick another person.

Once the physical release has calmed them down, then it is time to talk.  The talk must be respectful and healthy.  The communication must be honest and working towards a solution, not blaming, accusing, or name calling.

When anger is handled in this way, then it dissipates.  When feelings are stuffed, they just build up and the next time they are angry, all the stuffed anger comes out as well. Then there is an explosion!!!

Hint of the Day:  Keep your own anger under control by being filled up with the Word of God through prayer and praise.  Speak honestly to someone when you are angry.  And always end the communication with hugs.

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