“He no longer should live
the rest of his time in the flesh…
but to the will of God”
1 Peter 4:2
Perfection is founded entirely on the love of God, and the perfect love of God means the complete union of our will with God’s: It follows them, that the more one unites his will be his love of God.
The greatest glory we can give to God is to do His will in everything. Our Redeemer came on earth to glorify His heavenly Father and to teach us by His example and how we can do the same. Our Lord frequently declared that He had come on earth no to do His own will, but solely that of His Father. He spoke in the same strain in the garden when He went to meet His enemies who had come to seize Him and to lead Him to death; Furthermore, He said He would recognize as His brother him who would do His will.
If we would completely rejoice the heart of God, let us strive in all thigs to conform ourselves to whatever dispositions God makes of us. Conformity signifies that we join our wills to the will of God. Uniformity means more – it means that we make on will of God’s will and our, so that we will only what God wills; that God’s will alone is our will. This is the summit of perfection and to it we should always aspire; this should be the goal of all our works, desires, meditations, and prayers.
– Alphonsus de Ligouri
Mom – Luckily for us God delights in us and wants us to delight in His world! He calls us to the hard stuff, but softens it with good food, good fellowship, good pleasure and fun!
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