Not to Worry

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Worry.  There is a lot of things out there to worry about!  House closings, babies coming, financial needs, business endeavors, relationships, etc…  I want you to know that at one time I was one of the world’s best worriers!  I worried about it all!  But then, God began to show me that worry is not of Him.  He wants us to rest and trust.  If circumstances don’t turn out the way that we want them to, then we still trust because God has our back!  He knows what is best for us and, I believe that when we get to heaven we will become aware of all the catastrophes that God kept us from by not giving us what we wanted. 

“And which of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life’s span?” Luke 12:25

“But seek His kingdom, and these things will be added to you.” Luke 12:31

The opposite of worry is contentment.  Learning to be content in all situations seems impossible,  But once you begin to practice contentment,, it really does bring a peace and joy beyond comprehension. 

“But seek His kingdom, and these things will be added to you.” Luke 12:31

So, we wait.  We wait with our children for the baby to be born; we wait for another son and his wife to sign the papers on a house closing; we wait with two sons for their business to become profitable.  I wait for editors and formatters to finish with my latest book so it can go to press.  I want it all now!  But I am not going to worry about any of it.  It is in God’s hands and He can handle it!   Until then I will take joy in the small things – walks in the rain, phone conversations with friends, fire in the fireplace, tv with my husband, so much that I have at my fingertips right now!  I will be thankful and praise God!

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