“I have not written to you because you do not know the truth

but because you do know it,
and because no lie is of the truth.”
1 John 2:21

 Whether the lie is to protect yourself, protect others, to get yourself out of an uncomfortable situation, or to avoid a consequence, lying is always wrong.  God asks us to walk in the light.  That light includes full disclosure of the truth.  It’s hard, but it is right.  Speak truth and your relationships will stay uncomplicated.  Be bold about truth and others will know where you stand.  (Be bold, but not obnoxious!)  Tell the truth in love.  Couch it in prayer.  God will be the Lord of the results and your conscience will be clear.  That is freedom!  And hopefully those around you will show grace and you will return that grace in turn.  But even if grace is not extended to you, your will still experience the freedom and right relationship with God.

 Remember John 8:32, “You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”  I have experienced this in my own life as I faced the darkness of my past.  Once I was willing to look at it all in the light of the truth, it no longer had any hold over me.  Yes, I had to confess.  Yes, it was humbling.  But so much greater was the freedom of knowing and speaking truth. 

 Lying can become a habit.  If that is something that you deal with, turn it over to the Lord asking the holy Spirit to convict you when you lie.  Then be conscious of your words and determine to speak truth.  When you mess up, repent and try again.  It takes practice to overcome any habit.


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